Reviews & Giveaways

Email us at if you are interested in having us do a review and or giveaway.

We would love the opportunity to do a review for you and as the Moms of 8 children, chances are we have the right fit for your product! Babies, toddlers, school ages, boys and girls - we have them all. ;)

Reviews are a great way to gain exposure for your product in a cost effective and fun way.

We can cater our review and giveaway to you, and help you increase your business in many ways. Want more followers for your blog? More fans on Facebook? More people to visit your website? We can do it all!

We will provide links to your website, images of your product, your company logo, etc. all free of charge in your review.

We will also post your advertising logo or blog button on our site for 30 days after a review. After 30 days there will be a small fee to keep your advertisement on our page.

Reviews are done absolutely free, all we require is a sample of your item. We find if you provide two items, one to review and one to giveaway, this gains the most exposure to your product. If you would like some ideas on what has worked best for our past customers, let us know - we're happy to offer suggestions on how to gain the most exposure for your business.

We also have an online store, so if we love your product, we may want to supply it to our customers - a great way to gain more wholesalers!

Please Note -

*We are not responsible for any shipping, handling or customs fees.
*We will not ship the product back to you after the review.
*Our opinions are not for sale, if we do not like the product, we will not mislead our readers.

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