Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30% off Gap Jeans

Now until July 5th save 30% off all jeans at Gap Canada. Excludes shorts and other denim items.

Gymboree - New Arrivals & Deals!

The new Gymboree Lines are out - and they are cute! I love the bright bold colours - but can I really start thinking about fall clothing when school has been out for all of one day? (The answer is yes, who am I trying to fool?)

The Red Balloon sale continues - so if you haven't wondered in store for awhile, you may want to see what things your sales associates have managed to find in the back room.
All Uniforms are 20% off and backpacks are on sale too!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!

Today is Sarah's birthday and like many other Mom's it won't be a day to herself. After getting "M" up early to play in her first soccer tournament play off she will then most likely babysit my "K" so I can take the girls to soccer. She will meet with a customer to give her order all the while trying to entertain a 11 month old, a two year old and a six year old, this is because her wonderful husband is playing a baseball today. Next she will prepare food, drinks, pack some coolers and a mini van to help set up for a soccer wind-up BBQ that she thought of and organized. She will move tables from one site to another, BBQ some burgers and dogs, eat standing up, chase that same 11 month old, then challenge her daughter in a kids vs. adults soccer game. Then comes the clean up at the BBQ, then at her house and then its bath time, kisses and tuck in. Soon she realizes its 10:00 and she is finally sitting down.

All this happens on Sarah's birthday because she is a supportive Mom, a thoughtful friend, a wonderful wife and an excellent "bench Mom". We would be lost without and I am thankful everyday that she is in my life both professionally and more importantly personally.

PS Weeny Roast ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

TCP Coupon

The Children's Place still has their Monster Sale on but now they are offering and additional 15% if spend $25 or more. That means you can save up to 60%. Click here for the coupon, its only good until June 27th and in Canadian stores only.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

LOTS of brand new Gymboree added to Brand Me Downs

Checkout the website for LOADS of brand new Gymboree clothes!! Just added, shop now for best selection!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Monster Sale

OK, that monster sale at TCP is up to an additional 50% off already reduced items. I am headed there tonight, will let you know what great finds I got!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

$2.99 and Up Matchables at TCP

Now is the time to shop!! Huge sale at Gymboree and now The Children`s Place is offering $2.99 and up matchables. Great time to top off the summer wardrobe. When I was at the mall on the weekend The Children`s Place was also having a Monster Sale, 25% sale items.

Happy shopping, you will probably see one of us if not both of us there!

Piggy Paint Winner

Our winner is Nicole (!! The number chosen was entry number 87.
Congratulations Nicole!!

Piggy paint provided our readers with a coupon code so you can save 10% off your Piggy Paint order. The code is STYLESS10L! This code is only valid at Canadians - you can order from if you'd prefer, free pickup in Winnipeg - delivery to all of North America is very low. 

Red Balloon Sale time at Gymboree

It's Gymboree's semi-annual Red Balloon Sale time!! You can use a coupon on top of the great sales! Coupons can be found in Parenting the Early Years and Family Fun - both July issues.

Report back and let us know what you find!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kids Bowl Free This Summer!!

First things first, thanks Michelle for this awesome link!! So excited for summer to hurry up and get here but that also means I will be at home all day everyday with 5 kids and once the novelty of no school wears off, I foresee many fights and tantrums.

That is why I was so happy to get this email letting me know about a summer program that allows all the kids in your household under the age of 15 to bowl 2 free games everyday this summer. All you need to do is sign yourself and you kids up at

The "Kids Bowl Free" is a summer bowling program that is sponsored by select bowling centers across the U.S. and Canada. Kids receive 2 free games of bowling everyday during the summer. There is no cost to participate. Parents may purchase a Family Pass from $24.95 (one-time payment) that covers up to 4 adult family members and provides 2 games of bowling everyday throughout the summer. I chose not to buy the family pass, but I was still able to print this weeks coupons! In Winnipeg it is offered at Academy Bowling Lanes, just scroll down to see what lanes are hosting this fabulous program in your province.

Can' go wrong with something that is fun, basically free (shoe rental is $2) and gets the kids out of the house.

Boy Mama's - It's Time To Shop!

We have added a few 2T items and lots of 5-8 items to Brand Me Downs!!

Come check them out at

We ship anywhere in North America, using the cheapest shipping possible! Winnipeg customers, you can pickup for free and if your order is $30 or more, we will deliver it to you, free of charge.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Children's Place Canada Deals!

Mix and Match pieces are $6 each
Swimsuits are on sale $10 (Big Kids) $8 (baby)
Newborn Essentials are only $6

Old Navy Tank Sale

This Saturday at Old Navy, all rib knit tanks will be $2.00!!

Happy Shopping Saving!

Gap 30% off all Regular Priced merchandise

Check your emails - Gap Canada just sent out a one time use coupon for 30% off all regular priced merchandise.

This coupon is valid June 10th - 13th only.

We are having a QUICK giveaway for 2 coupons!! If you would like to enter leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at 5:00pm CST.

Next New Gymbo Line!

Info of the newest Gymboree lines have surfaced and they're plaid and horses.

Kid boy has brown and light brown colours, plaid, an adorable top with a skull wearing a cowboy hat and of course, cowboy boots! Baby boy has an adorable cowboy hat with a sheriff badge on it!

Kid girl is purple plaids and flowers, a tan sleeveless sweater with a horse head on it (like the purse from Malibu cowgirl) I'm not much of a fan of the "floating head". Baby girl has the same horse head on a t-shirt with a light purple tutu and flowered leggings.

I think for once I'm much more a fan of the boys line than the girls - but we will see what happens when it hits the stores!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WELCOME to our new readers!!

Today we were lucky enough to be reviewed by Stacie from Simply Stacie.

Stacie has a product review and giveaway blog - and a Canadian one at that!! She has many, many giveaways and is Proudly Canadian, which we love :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Website

We are working feverishly to launch our website - it is a lot more work than we ever anticipated to set up!!

Between making our popular headbands, meetings with wholesalers and building the website itself, we are struggling to get all of our clothing posted.

Don't fret - it is coming - and thank goodness next week our soccer of 4 nights a week (twice on Wednesdays!) will be cut down to 3 nights a week. May not sound like much, but it is a welcome break!

We are posting at least a few items every day, so be sure to keep going back to see what's new.
We're also excited to launch with our new products, be on the look out for Bink Links, Boon, Marshmellow Shooters, and much, much more!!

Visit us today - we do have some Brand Me Downs items listed (most new with tags!!) and of course our very popular adjustable headbands (made to match Gymboree!!) and Piggy Paint! The Piggy Paint introductory price ends Friday, so buy now!

Friday, June 4, 2010

McDonalds Recall on Shrek Glasses

Not exactly "stylish"  but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this recall!!

All of the information can be found here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memory, what is that?

As you all may already know Sarah and I have been trying to re-launch our online store, so in the process we have been neglecting a few other things~like this blog!
In addition to working on the website, shopping for the website, sending out orders we both have a family that needs some attention as well.

I use to be a "working" Mom with a job that I spent 50 hours a week at and I feel like I had more time then. Granted I was the Mother of two then with another on the way, my baby numbers have grown exponentially since then. Expansion aside, I feel like I am "working" more and harder now than I ever have before.

Its a fine line that you tip toe on everyday~where and how and who to give your time to. Lets be honest none of those minutes ever make your way. I accept that, I knew that pedi's and mani's, girls night and book club would happen less frequently but what I find hard to accept is that all this "busy-ness" has made me absent minded.

"Hello memory, Where are you and are you expected back anytime soon?" Seriously, we joke about pregnesia and momnesia but this really is a true "disease", I am afraid one day I will forget a child that's how bad my memory is getting. Sarah and I joke all the time that we need to walk around with a mini note book and write things down. Or I think I might start calling my voicemail and leaving messages for myself, I'm serious.

You think I exaggerate the seriousness of this situation...exhibit A. Last week my one and only daughter lost another tooth, very exciting and a little gross all at the same time. The next morning she woke up and told us that the Tooth Fairy didn't make it last night. My heart sank,and then I noticed my hubby looking at me with accusing eyes! Really, seriously? This is only my fault? 24 hours goes by and we seem to be having the same breakfast conversation the very next day~horrible parents, guilt ridden Mom. The next morning no TF conversation, so I ask the hubby if he did his fatherly duty and pull the old switch-a-roo, "No, I thought you did!", he answered. For all you keeping count that is 3 nights the TF didn't make it and on the third morning Abigail was so disappointed or had finally given up that she didn't say a word. Did I mention the horribleness of the situation, the guilt that was weighing me down. The next night I cam home around 1:30 AM from working at Sarah's ( you see a SAHM business hours are 9PM-till you can't keep our eyes open ) and there was a purple piece of paper that read "TOOTH FAIRY!!!!!". I proceeded to Abigail's room, shoes on still ~figured if I made that detour I would forget AGAIN~ and left $3 one for every night the Tooth Fairy was MIA. In the end she was happy with her financial gains ans never questioned the TF tardiness, clever girl.

I will learn to cope with my inability to remember, so if you see me on the playground with a huge star drawn on my hand, don't laugh just remind me that it is my turn to pick the girls up from

Piggy Paint Review & Giveaway

We were lucky enough to receive Piggy Paint polish and remover to try - and we fell in love.

Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls. It's non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and safe to use on all little piggies!

Here is an example of the difference Piggy Paint makes. Look at how the regular solvent-based kid polish eats through a styrofoam plate!! No way do you want to put it on your children, or even yourself!

Piggy Paint comes in a wide variety of colours from Angel Kisses for your girly-girl to Dandilion Dance (yellow) for your tomboy and Twinkle Toes (silver) for your little diva!

Piggy Paint has also launched a new line of paints called Project Earth in funky colours geared towards tweens and teens, such as Radioactive (glow in the dark!) and Eat Your Peace (bright green).

When you want to take off your polish, (to try a new colour of course!), Piggy Paint also makes safe, non-toxic polish remover. It has no acetone, is hypoallergenic and it's made from natural ingredients.

We carry a selection of our favourite Piggy Paint colours at Everything After The Stork, or to find every colour they offer you can visit Piggy Paint.

Do you want to try Piggy Paint yourself? Enter now to win a colour of your choice from our store!


Madatory entry: Tell us who you would use your Piggy Paint on!
Bonus Entries:

For each of these that you complete, enter one comment!

1. Follow our blog.

2. "Like" Piggy Paint on Facebook.

3. "Like" us on Facebook.

4. Follow Piggy Paint on Twitter

5. Follow us on Twitter.

6. Grab our button (sidebar)

7. Email to be added to our mailing list.

8. Tweet the contest for one entry each day.

Open to all.

Giveaway ends June 14th @ midnight.
Don't forget to come back June 15th and see if you've won, we will also share a special coupon code for those who didn't win, so you can enjoy Piggy Paint as well!

Winner will be selected by The winner will be contacted by email and given 48 hrs to reply. If there is no reply from the first name selected another winner will be chosen. Please leave your email if not on your profile so we can contact you if you win. Good Luck!!

GAP Stock Up Event

Starting today the GAP has men's, women's and children's essentials starting at $10. This includes women's tanks and cami's, kids shorts and men's classic tee's.The stock up event runs until Junes 7th, see you there!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gymboree Coupon Code

Just in time for the Fill a Bag sale!! This is only good online, for 15% off of your order.


Happy shopping!!

Gymboree - Fill a Bag Sale!!

Tomorrow is Gymboree's Fill a Bag sale!! Everything instore is 30% off and if you have a coupon an extra 20%!!

You can find a coupon in the June issue of Family Fun magazine. This can be a bit hard to find in Canada, but I've heard it's at Michaels and sometimes Shoppers Drug Mart.

The new lines hit the stores today, so it's perfect timing!
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