Monday, August 23, 2010

Gap Give & Get Information

Canadians - it is confirmed, Gap Give & Get will be instore only! Now, since the selection online is horrible, I'm not as disappointed as I once was - but still, what a ridiculous thing to do! Start an online website and then drive customers away from it.

If you plan on going instore for your 30% off this weekend (August 26-29th) - there is a link to the coupon here.

For our lucky American readers, of course you have the choice of going instore or ordering off of the real website however there are both types of coupons floating around (instore or online and instore) if you have a coupon you're not using, post here so we can hopefully hook everyone up with one!

We have 1 extra U.S. online code - if you need it, comment!


  1. I would love one for the US, I am heading there this weekend and will miss the Canada one, let me know pls (


  2. Email us at and we'll send you one!


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