Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old Navy One Day Wonder - Frost Free Jackets!!

Old Navy is turning 16 and to celebrate they are having special birthday deals this weekend. The sales start Friday and end Monday, lots of items will be $16.00, the best of all - Frost Free Jackets!! This deal is SATURDAY ONLY!!

Other deals will be fleece, and other items - all marked down to $16.00. There will also probably be a special coupon coming out - usually on Thursdays, so watch the mail.


  1. what does frost free mean?...i'm confused

  2. Its just the name of the winter jacket. Also on facebook like the Old Navy page, click on the Barkers Bones to get a special weekly coupon, they are always different amounts, and only redeemable one time, you can email them to yourself or print them out! this week I have a coupon for $15 off of a $75.00 purchase. Hint keep doing the Barker Bones until you get the best coupon it changes every few days!

  3. forgot to mention that you can only click email or print once per week they keep track, so make sure its the coupon that you want!

  4. thanks :) it looks like it's only frost free for adults and fleece only for kids (according to the commerical on fb)...hopefully it's frost free for kiddies too!


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