Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memory, what is that?

As you all may already know Sarah and I have been trying to re-launch our online store, so in the process we have been neglecting a few other things~like this blog!
In addition to working on the website, shopping for the website, sending out orders we both have a family that needs some attention as well.

I use to be a "working" Mom with a job that I spent 50 hours a week at and I feel like I had more time then. Granted I was the Mother of two then with another on the way, my baby numbers have grown exponentially since then. Expansion aside, I feel like I am "working" more and harder now than I ever have before.

Its a fine line that you tip toe on everyday~where and how and who to give your time to. Lets be honest none of those minutes ever make your way. I accept that, I knew that pedi's and mani's, girls night and book club would happen less frequently but what I find hard to accept is that all this "busy-ness" has made me absent minded.

"Hello memory, Where are you and are you expected back anytime soon?" Seriously, we joke about pregnesia and momnesia but this really is a true "disease", I am afraid one day I will forget a child that's how bad my memory is getting. Sarah and I joke all the time that we need to walk around with a mini note book and write things down. Or I think I might start calling my voicemail and leaving messages for myself, I'm serious.

You think I exaggerate the seriousness of this situation...exhibit A. Last week my one and only daughter lost another tooth, very exciting and a little gross all at the same time. The next morning she woke up and told us that the Tooth Fairy didn't make it last night. My heart sank,and then I noticed my hubby looking at me with accusing eyes! Really, seriously? This is only my fault? 24 hours goes by and we seem to be having the same breakfast conversation the very next day~horrible parents, guilt ridden Mom. The next morning no TF conversation, so I ask the hubby if he did his fatherly duty and pull the old switch-a-roo, "No, I thought you did!", he answered. For all you keeping count that is 3 nights the TF didn't make it and on the third morning Abigail was so disappointed or had finally given up that she didn't say a word. Did I mention the horribleness of the situation, the guilt that was weighing me down. The next night I cam home around 1:30 AM from working at Sarah's ( you see a SAHM business hours are 9PM-till you can't keep our eyes open ) and there was a purple piece of paper that read "TOOTH FAIRY!!!!!". I proceeded to Abigail's room, shoes on still ~figured if I made that detour I would forget AGAIN~ and left $3 one for every night the Tooth Fairy was MIA. In the end she was happy with her financial gains ans never questioned the TF tardiness, clever girl.

I will learn to cope with my inability to remember, so if you see me on the playground with a huge star drawn on my hand, don't laugh just remind me that it is my turn to pick the girls up from


  1. Hi guys,,,I am very interested in the Piggy Paint how do I order it? I dont do the pay pal thing I am just a cold hard cash gal. Let me know when I see you at the school.

    Shannon (Chloes Mom)

  2. I'm so sorry but I HAVE to laugh. My parents and I were just having this exact conversation of them forgetting about my tooth.
    I have to admit it happened here in this household as well. Poor Corey went a good couple of nights with a rotting tooth under his pillow ;)
    Being a WAHM is by far the hardest job I've ever had and I give you ladies credit for it :)

  3. I too laughed after the knot in my tummy disappeared. Hey, us Mom's are human too :)

  4. Oh no, that's happened at our house too.

    Is it just my computer or did you forget to finish your last sentence..." don't laugh just remind me that it is my turn to pick the girls up from"" From where??? heehee

  5. Oh my...laughing because I totally understand. Told you this Mompreneur stuff will make you busier than you EVER thought possible.

    And for the record, I have a notebook in my diaper bag that I carry with me everywhere. I trust it more than I trust my brain to remember. ;P

  6. I have done the same thing quite a few times. Len sneaks in just as he is going to work and does the whole give hugs and kisses, and the slip of the money for the tooth act, just in case she wakes up, I have such a bad memory too, and with each kid it got worse, sad and I to think that someday I will just loose my mind and not know it one day.....


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