Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kids Bowl Free This Summer!!

First things first, thanks Michelle for this awesome link!! So excited for summer to hurry up and get here but that also means I will be at home all day everyday with 5 kids and once the novelty of no school wears off, I foresee many fights and tantrums.

That is why I was so happy to get this email letting me know about a summer program that allows all the kids in your household under the age of 15 to bowl 2 free games everyday this summer. All you need to do is sign yourself and you kids up at

The "Kids Bowl Free" is a summer bowling program that is sponsored by select bowling centers across the U.S. and Canada. Kids receive 2 free games of bowling everyday during the summer. There is no cost to participate. Parents may purchase a Family Pass from $24.95 (one-time payment) that covers up to 4 adult family members and provides 2 games of bowling everyday throughout the summer. I chose not to buy the family pass, but I was still able to print this weeks coupons! In Winnipeg it is offered at Academy Bowling Lanes, just scroll down to see what lanes are hosting this fabulous program in your province.

Can' go wrong with something that is fun, basically free (shoe rental is $2) and gets the kids out of the house.


  1. Make sure that when you are filling out the "zip code" you don't leave a space so if your postal code is r3t 2j9 type in r3t2j9, otherwise it will not register as being complete. And will continue to bring you back to the same page!


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