Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Website

We are working feverishly to launch our website - it is a lot more work than we ever anticipated to set up!!

Between making our popular headbands, meetings with wholesalers and building the website itself, we are struggling to get all of our clothing posted.

Don't fret - it is coming - and thank goodness next week our soccer of 4 nights a week (twice on Wednesdays!) will be cut down to 3 nights a week. May not sound like much, but it is a welcome break!

We are posting at least a few items every day, so be sure to keep going back to see what's new.
We're also excited to launch with our new products, be on the look out for Bink Links, Boon, Marshmellow Shooters, and much, much more!!

Visit us today - we do have some Brand Me Downs items listed (most new with tags!!) and of course our very popular adjustable headbands (made to match Gymboree!!) and Piggy Paint! The Piggy Paint introductory price ends Friday, so buy now!

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