Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's GYMBUCKS time!!

Well we have been pretty quiet here at SBM (hah! you didn't think you could ever see that one coming ...)
With summer holidays and a broken computer it's been hard to get here to post all of the GREAT deals, and we're sorry for that.

BUT - we are back with some great deals, giveaways and more!!

First - today is early redemption for Gymbucks so go to, see what's new and get out to the stores!! I love the new soccer line since both of my girls LOVE soccer!!

Also - we have a GREAT giveaway coming later today, so be sure to come back and enter!! Some of our readers say they don't enter the giveaways because they don't understand all of the extras. Remember, it only takes ONE entry to win - so even just do the mandatory entry and leave it at that - you could still be our lucky winner ;)

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