Sunday, July 4, 2010

Small Potatoes Review

I became a "fan" of Small Potatoes on Facebook about a year and a half ago, I browsed their page and checked out their website. I immediately was attracted to the fabulous fabric options that they carried, but alas at that time I didn't have any "babies" so I felt I couldn't justify a purchase.

Fast forward a year and here I am with two new babies and all the justification I need to shop! When Sarah and I were talking about home grown companies and we both thought of Holly at Small Potatoes. Sarah contacted her and she generously offered a few of her products to review. She sent us Binky Leashes and a toddler hat.

For all you out there who believe they can get along without a Binky Leash (we call them soosie clips in our house) think again. This is probably the most simple of baby must haves but is a definite can't live without. Since Abigail was the last of our kids to use a soother, the twins had been sharing one with a pink ribbon and a baby lamb clip to keep track of their soosies. When they got the Small Potatoes Binky Leashes I am pretty sure I heard a sigh of relief from them.

These Binky Leashes are obviously convenient but they are super stylish as well. The boys have coordinating stripe and polka dot ribbon in greens, blues ans greys. Coincidentally they match their actual soothers perfectly. Though these gadgets are small and simple they take on a lot of wear and tear, that's why Holly serge's all the loops and uses stainless steel clips. Like the website says "because gravity always wins and floors are never clean enough" this is reason enough to buy a Binky Leash and it doesn't hurt that they are only$5. At that price you can't afford not to buy more than one.

I was lucky enough to receive a toddler hat as well in the traffic jam pattern~too adorable. What I loved about if instantly, besides the fabric was how soft it was. I didn't need to wash it first just so Keaton would wear it. The brim folds up on it own when he is in his car seat, very important for actually keeping a hat on this child, as well it cleans up nicely (spot washed already thanks to a DQ dip cone). Tons of boy or girl fabric options, it will be very hard to choose, but I am thinking guitar hero next, for the babies.

Small Potatoes has hip fabrics and great baby gear, no fluff here just everyday stuff that helps simplify a chaotic life and looks good doing it. Her dresses are to die for and are my new girlie gift to give and her diaper clutches are prefect shower gifts. The clutches and bibs in select patterns are on special right now, so check it out.

Winnipeg Moms can shop locally or online, but you can find Small Potatoes gear across the country , click here to find out where. Thank-you again to Holly for her generosity and of course for her addiction to cool fabrics! Think Small Potatoes next time you need a hip gift or cool looking necessity, you won't be sorry!

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  1. Thanks for the review. Love the hat. The only problem is my own fabric and hat (for my children) addiction. I've checked out the site and love SO many of the hats...can't even start to think of choosing one!


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