Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just a Thought

I was reminded earlier tonight that tomorrow is dreaded anniversary for a dear friend of mine and her best friend. Tomorrow is a day that one family wishes never came at all and would never return again. A day no mother should ever have to endure.

I am choosing to write something because I want all of us to stop and remember what we are so privileged to have everyday. To stop, sit back and take it all in not only the smiles but the bickering, the laughter and the tantrums, the hugs and the sibling inflicted bruises. Soak it up, breath it in, cherish each mundane moment.

Tomorrow I will eat little toes, kiss some owies, raise my voice I am sure but because of "N" I will do it all with a grateful smile. Grateful that I have the toes to nibble on, the bumps to soothe and the rowdies to yell at. I couldn't imagine my life without the chaos, the love~ I am privileged.

Thank-you "N" for the reminder that life just isn't about carpool, who had the DS last, laundry and bills. The reminder that yes we must deal with all of life everyday stuff, but aren't we lucky that we get to do with our little ones by our side. Some days it hard, very hard but just think how much harder it could be.

Wake up tomorrow, a day when one Mother will only kiss two of her three beautiful babies and give yours and extra kiss for her angel. You are privileged.

My love to KT and her family, to her best friends and their family.


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