Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Fall & Gap Info

Holidays are over - the air is cool and crisp and school starts tomorrow, Fall is officially here (even if the calendar doesn't think so!)

We hope you all had a fabulous summer with your families!

With the big kids all back in school this week, we are looking forward to growing Style By Mommy and can't wait to have you join us for the ride. You can look forward to new products, tons of great consignment with Brand Me Downs and opportunities for Home Parties to save you even MORE money!!

Thank you to our loyal customers, we appreciate your business, we couldn't be here without you.

Speaking of great customers, thank you to "N" for sharing this tip - Gap coupon codes are working on the CANADIAN site!! So if you have them, use them!


  1. Just wondering what coupon codes you are referring to? I have a 40% off for tomorrow, and wonder if this is included

  2. tell me more about the "home parties"...

  3. No, not the 40% off coupons, as they have no coupon code on them.

    Erin - more info coming soon! It's something we're working on!


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