Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Additions to Style By Mommy

We are proud to announce we are carrying wet bags, made by The Sling Sisters, local Manitoba Moms!!

These bags are amazing - The industrial grade waterproof liner keeps wetness inside. Each bag is approximately 12x15 inches, has a zippered top and strap with a snap so you can hang it anywhere you go.

I have used wet bags for years and can honestly say these are the best quality I've found. Nice and thick, with a strong zipper and reinforced tab to hang the bag in the laundry room, nursery, off your stroller, etc.

Some uses we have found for wet bags:

  • Potty training - your little one is sure to have an accident - keep soiled clothes in this bag and don't worry about smelling up your purse, car, etc.

  • Swimming lessons or trips to the beach - put your wet swimsuits, towels, etc. in the bag and keep everything else dry.

  • Cloth Diapering - wetbags are a MUST for your soiled diapers, wipes etc. Just open up the bag, empty it in the wash and go.

  • Sports - I keep everything in a wetbag (change of socks, mosquito spray, keys, etc. and then throw it on the field. No worry of soaking everything when it rains. Because it always rains on soccer night!

     Visit Style By Mommy and order your Wet Bag today!

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