Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Planet - Have the prettiest stroller on the block!

Baby Planet has the coolest, greenest strollers around! They are a company that strives to be green and make this world a better place for our babies and children.

The neatest thing about Baby Planet (next to the beautiful stroller designs!) is their Recycling Program.

If you no longer need your stroller, but it still would be useful to a family in need, they will help you find someone to donate it to. If your Baby Planet stroller is no longer road worthy or functional you ship your stroller to them and they recycle 100% of its materials.

All parts of Baby Planet's strollers and rain covers are also PVC free.

Baby Planet just launched their 2010 Endangered Species line, featuring the Lemur Leaf Frog, Giant Panda and Monarch Butterfly designs.

 They also have the Timi & Leslie line, featuring the Sahara, MacKenzie, Felicity and Zoey strollers. These will be available in May.

Baby Planet strollers are available at Comfort First and if you use the coupon code you can save 5% off your order!

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