Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

8:30pm marks the start of Earth Hour. This is an annual tradition to bring attention to our Earth and the damage we are all causing.

Of course we need to think about this much more than one hour a year, but this is a good start and a way to encourage your family to consider the Environment and the roll each person can play in protecting it.

We feel strongly about our planet and the shape we are leaving it in for the next generations to come, it is an important aspect of Everything After The Stork and each part of our business is aimed at making the world a better place.

BC Hydro has some great suggestions for Earth Hour and what you can do here.

Of course the idea of Earth Hour is to turn off all electronics, a few ideas of what you can do as a family during this time are;

   Bring back the board game.
• Go for a lantern walk through a park.
• Stargazing. Since all the lights are
out the sky should be crystal clear.
• Find a great viewing spot to see your
town or city go dark at 8:30 p.m.
• Meet your neighbours at a street or
block party.
• Talk to your children about how much
electricity your family uses.
• Tell ghost stories.
• Play flashlight tag.
• Turn your thermostat down by 1˚.
And leave it there.
• Play Pictionary with glow-in-the-dark
• Put a glow stick on your dog’s collar
or leash and go for a walk.
• Toast marshmallows over a tea light
• Get out the sleeping bags and camp
out on the living room floor.
Tell us, what did your family do to celebrate Earth Hour?

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