Saturday, March 27, 2010


Anyone out there have a gassy newborn, or a colicky baby? Then you have to try Dr.Browns Natural Flow bottles. I swear by these! We recently had twin boys who were pre-term, they needed to be supplemented by bottle. In the beginning they used the preemie bottles the hospital provided. But soon they were needing more then 2oz. @ a time, but all the bottles we tried flowed much too fast creating a huge mess and causing many gas pains for our little guys.
We were introduced to the Dr. Browns bottle via an Occupational Therapist at Children's in Winnipeg. We had one to start with that they shared, and we noticed a difference immediately. It made feeding time into a bonding experience for both my husband and me rather than a stressful event that we dreaded!
Good news is that they are on sale right now at Toys R' Us, for 40% off! The 2 pack glass bottle set is usually $16.99, now $9.99. Dr. Browns also offers BPH Free plastic bottles.
Hurry in there is limit of three per family and the sale ends on April 5th

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