Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Caution~ Poop, Nudity and Real Life Woos

So, I feel like I haven't had a chance to post in awhile, I have a couple in the hangar~ just not 100% done. But what do they say "life is what happens when you are not looking"?

For me it is not so much life but rather Keaton happened! He is my most adorable, bright, warm hearted two year old who runs the show. As I type he is carrying a tool box in one hand, a golf club in the other all the while wearing only a diaper. I am somewhat curious to see what happens next....

Earlier today he handed me his diaper and said "Keke poopy bum."
Yes, he was naked and yes there was poop in the diaper, I quickly lead him down the hall to his room to ensure a proper cleaning. I told him next time to keep his diaper on, he quickly responded with the typical "Why?", followed by the brightest smile ever.
From there he proceed to growl at the dog, bite him on the back, hit me with a plastic hammer, climb on the counter, sit there and eat BBQ potato chips still in the diaper only. He put the chip bag in the sink, turned on the hot water and yelled "Mama fun!" The bigger problem was not the hot water but rather he was hanging from the counter because he couldn't reach the chair he used to climb up originally.

Keaton is only one of five, so you can imagine the other capers my brood gets into daily. Two weekends ago my 8 year old daughter swung the bathroom door open only to see me standing there naked (trying to have the obligatory 5minute shower as the 2 year old slept) and she just stood there saying " Oh your naked....but someone is at the door. Can I let them in?"
Ahhhh, NO!

I guess the reason for this post is to let you all know "poop happens" to all of us~so don't have the required Mama guilt if you buy the cookies rather than bake them, if your kids don't wear matching socks or if you drop off your child at school when it just so happens there is no school that day. True story, did last week to Callum~I can feel you all feeling better about yourselves simultaneously.

Just remember we all do what we can, perfection is a myth.


  1. Great post Rob. I love the antics of your crew...they sure keep you hopping. They are a lovely bunch and I know despite the poop, nakedness and real life are a blessed woman and wouldn't trade it for anything! Way to go mama!

  2. Thanks for the laugh today. I need to remember that life happens and not to sweat the small stuff.


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