Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top 5~Can't Live Withouts!!

So awhile back I started a post about my all time favorite shower gift, but life got busy and I never finished it. Went back to look at the draft and it just seemed too long and not to the point. But when I was re-reading it I thought why not ask what your favorite shower gift was. Then Sarah thought we should take it one step further, why not do our Top 5 Can't Live Withouts.

So without any further a deux here are what I believe every Mommy should have~
1. JJ Cole Diaper and Wipe Pod (that's my fave shower gift, thanks Aunties D&S)
BioGaia (I am not a doctor so please consult with yours before trying)
3. Dr. Browns Bottles
4. Wet bag
5. Coca-Cola

So why these five, the Coke I think is self-explanatory~I don't drink coffee so I need something else to sustain awareness at 7AM after a sleepless night.
The JJ Cole Pod is so convenient, I can hook it on the stroller when walking to school or just toss it in my purse for those quick trips. It holds 2 diapers my wipes case, a couple band-aids and my house keys. The best part is I can just hand that to the hubby when we need to do a diaper change in a public place, he prefers this to the huge diaper bag.

I have written about the Dr. Browns bottles before, they saved us time and energy when feeding the twins. They are a little more pricey than the Gerber bottles we used with the older three but well worth the money. We all know what a wet bag is now, but when Abigail came along I had no idea. I used a grocery store plastic bag for dirty diapers or for the nasty sleeper I used to toss it in a mesh laundry bag from the $ Store. Both did not contain the smell or the wetness, so my diaper bag either stunk or was damp. Now a wet bag is a must have in this house hold, we use them for swim lessons, messy clothes, rain days at soccer and even for the wet mitts after a family day of tobogganing.

Last but certainly not least BioGaia~this product was life changing for us when Keaton came along. He was the gassiest of babies and the grumpiest! We tried everything~gripe water, Ovol Drops, baby exercises~nothing worked and the sleep deprivation was getting pretty intense. Our Doc suggested BioGaia, it is a probiotic that you don't need a prescription for but you do need to order it from the pharmacist because it is refrigerated. Within 4 days of giving him these tiny droplets of living organisms, my baby was a completely different child. At $30 for a 28 day supply they too are pricey, but if you have a colicky baby you know that it is money well spent. Please contact your doctor before trying, as I am just a Mama and not an MD.

Over the years they have been many things I have tried and loved or regretted spending the $$ on as I am sure is the same with you. So let us know what your Can't Live Withouts are.
*For great local wet bag suppliers check out the Sling Sisters here in the Prairies and for all you West Coast readers we highly recommend Maxwell Designs. We found getting the BioGaia from Shoppers the quickest, actually our Superstore wouldn't even get it in for us.

We will be carrying some of these products at Everything After The Stork!

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  1. My top 5 -

    1) Wubbanubbers - Couldn't have survived the long car trips without, the soft animal helps the soother stay in baby's mouth.

    2) Minky blankets - so soft and comforting.

    3) Sophie the Giraffe - a must have for my teething babies!

    4) Wet bags - We have four and I'm considering ordering more, we use them EVERY day.

    5) BOB Stroller - LOVE that thing. You all read my review I'm sure ;)

    I could go on, but I won't - stay tuned for the re-launch of and you can buy all of my top faves :)


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