Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I have been looking for a great poem to sum up mommyhood and nothing has struck me.
Too mushy, too cheesy, too cynical or just plain sad.
Being a Mom is none of that to me, for me being a Mom is about change. Not good change or bad change just everyday something is a little different.

We think we have our routines, lives scheduled to the minute but think about it really think, go back to the moment you found out you were pregnant with your first, that instant everything changed and it never stopped.

My wedding dressed size changed.
Honeymoon not the same.
The love I have for my husband forever changed.
The way I lookED naked, gone~forever changed.
My idea of true pain, wrong to begin with.
Understanding and admiring my own mom, changes with everyday, (don't tell her).
Have I mentioned my boobs, oh how they changed. I had great boobs, dare I say not so much. Perky-deflated, full-flat, high-tucked in to my yoga pants. Completely changed!
Not sure I had hope before she was born, but every day since I have had it~couldn't survive without it.
Hope for who they are now and what they will grow to be. Hope for "L" and me that we can give them all that is needed to be strong, empathetic, funny, spirited adults. Hope that they will see my mistakes and not make the same ones, but rather their own so they can learn that without mistakes there is no success.

With mommyhood change is enviable, anticipated even dreaded. But without change our babies would never take their first step, grasp your finger with their tiny hand, give you squishy hugs or learn to ride a bike. Without change there would be no first day of school, first date, first broken heart, you would never walk them down the aisle or hold your first grandchild.

Change is hard but rewarding. With each day my love for my babies deepens and I would never want that to change. So I accept that I can't control this journey and know that I wouldn't want to change a thing.

All my love to my heart, my shining star, my sunshine and my rainbows because of you I am forever changed, thank-you.

To all you mama's out there embrace change-put down the laundry, go outside and play today~ make a moment everyday. happy mothers day.


  1. That was a great post me all teary-eyed. You are a great mom, and I love how you put everything into perspective (especially when I call you in a big panic about something that is usually pretty insignificant). Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  2. Much love to you and your babies, Rob. xox

  3. sending tons of love to all the superfantastic ladies I call friends, I counldn't have made it this far without you!

  4. Yes - Happy Mother's Day to everyone!! I was supposed to sleep in, and to my body 8:45am is sleeping in, so I was treated to my favourite breakfast (BLT bagel from McD's, I'm not picky) and showered with presents (Bath and Body works overload, beautiful flowers, the new book from my favourite author and told to go buy an iphone or netbook, my choice. I'm going iphone) and then dh took the girls out so I could finish watching my movie in peace (It's Complicated - great movie!)

    Now on to chinese food for dinner, I don't think this day could get any better :) :) :)

  5. Said so perfectly Robyn. Change can be scary...terrifying sometimes...but I feel blessed everyday to have the opportunity to be a mommy. Thanks for putting things in perspective.


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