Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who's Complaining?

Our daughters moved up from "Mini Soccer" to "real" soccer this year.

Rather than being a warm, soft "timbit", they are hard ass "Waverley Warriors" and while I never really thought about the differences between that soft little Timbit and that Warrior, we learned them last night!

It was the first game for the U9 Girls and it was 5 degrees and pouring rain. Not drizzling, but full on cats hitting the umbrella, couldn't be more wet if you jumped in a swimming pool, pouring rain.

Us Moms (and Dads) were on the sidelines cheering on our girls, and complaining. And whining. And cold. And soaked. And I kept thinking "why are they playing in this!", "Why isn't this being cancelled?", "The girls are so wet", "The girls are so cold", "Oh those poor girls!".

Finally, 35 minutes into the game, 15 minutes before the end, they decided to call the game and let those "poor girls" get out of the rain. We called them off the field and I was greeted by my Warrior - with a HUGE smile on her face. She didn't feel the cold. She didn't care about the wet. She is a Waverley Warrior and she had FUN!


  1. Not only smiling, but so excited to be playing! Not one complaint from our girls and we not only had the weather against us but we had player numbers against us too. But our girls didn't see any of that they saw a field, a ball and net and said,"have fun no matter what!".

    for me lessoned learned!!

  2. Way to go Waverley Warriors! And way to go Warrior Mama's...You both rock! I think they watch their mamas and know where their own strength comes from! Keep it up girls and mamas.

  3. Such a nice comment, Kim! I wish I had my girl's goal was to raise her to be who I wanted to be as a little girl growing up. No not Barbie~Julia Sugarbaker! Anyone remember her?


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