Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashion for a Cure

These are the cutest hats I've ever seen - and they're for a GREAT cause!!

Mara, a local Winnipeger, is making these hats along with her Mom, to raise money for a good friend who was recently diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. The funds raised are helping Flo and her husband pay for the treatment that Flo is getting in the U.S.

Flo's Story:

Our friends and family are attempting to raise funds to help with our healthcare bills associated with my wife’s battle with breast cancer.

In 2006 at the age of 33, Filomena started her long battle with cancer when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Chemotherapy stopped working after a few sessions.  Radiation treatment was then used, which seemed to put the cancer into remission.  As a preventative treatment, the doctors recommended a stem cell transplant.  

Moving forward to February 2009 (after we miscarried) Filomena was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The stem cell transplant did not stop cancer from attacking her body again. It was devastating news!  While she was recovering from the mastectomy, we noticed a spot just above the scar that wouldn’t heal.  After a few weeks we decided to have it checked.  To our dismay, the doctor said it was cancer and that it was a sign it had spread.  With more tests and scans it was discovered that the cancer had spread to Filomena’s sternum, liver and right lung.  Our Chemo Oncologist stated that her condition is incurable.

Giving up is not an option and if our healthcare system said that Filomena’s cancer is not curable we’d have to find another place that will help us in our battle. 

We were referred to Envita Natural Medical Centers of America.  We are currently down in Scottsdale, Arizona undergoing treatment at Envita’s clinic.  Filomena’s treatments show great promise and we look forward to the day that we can say she is cured!  While this is fantastic news, Manitoba Health does not cover medical expenses incurred in the United States.  We are juggling our finances everyday to ensure that Filomena continues to receive treatment until she is healed.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

These hats are only $20.00 each (for one hat with button and interchangable flowers)

Great deal - for a GREAT cause!! 

If you would like to order a hat (or two, or three!) please email

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