Friday, April 30, 2010

The 411 on Gymboree

I love Gymboree - it is by far my favourite children's clothing store and I love to share my madness. I can't tell you how overjoyed I was when last night at parent-teacher conferences my daughter's teacher looked at K's fairy shirt and said "I have the same shirt for my daughter - it's adorable!". I didn't let her know the depth of my Gymbo obsession (so Mrs. H if you're reading, the secret is out!)

For the average person walking into Gymboree, the store seems incredibly expensive, but like most stores, there is a secret to the sales and while I'd say my youngest daughter's wardrobe is 90% Gymbo, I never spend much money on her clothing.

I started this Blog to share these secrets with you - so if you're Gymbo obsessed keep coming back to find out how to make this store work for you!

Now - for all of the latest Gymbo information!!

The Gymbuck Redemption line (Mid July) is the back to school line.

The theme is horses, which we just saw in Malibu Cowgirl, but for us pony lovers, it's not a bad theme to repeat!!  The colours for this line are lavender and chocolate. *swoon*

The Baby girl line has the most adorable outfit with a lavender tutu, a white t-shirt with a pony, flowered leggings and the absolute cutest moccasins. I am not a fan of the everyday tutu, but we will be buying the rest! The moccasins would look adorable paired with skinny jeans.

The boy line is ... you guessed it, skulls again. I'm not a boy Mom so I don't know how you think about it, but it seems sooo overdone to me! There is also a cowboy line coming out.

Now - on to the sales!! As always, it's Gymbuck Earning time. Pretty much as soon as redemption ends, we're back in an earning period now. For those who don't know what Gymbucks are, you earn 1 Gymbuck for every $50 you spend and then for 2 weeks you can redeem those Gymbucks for $25 off a $50 purchase, so basically it works out to 25% off if I'm doing my math right. (I'm no math whiz, correct me if I'm wrong!)

The next "sale" should be the knits sale, where all knit tanks and shorts are $7.99. Not exactly sure when this is but it should be before circle of friends, which means it should be very soon! I will post as soon as I have more info!

Circle of Friends (30% off, it's a coupon so you can't combine another coupon with it) is May 13th to May 16th.

That's all for now - but keep checking back!

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