Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mally Bibs

What is better than a Mally Bib?

A Mally Bib at 50% off!!

From time to time Mally Bibs will list their seconds on Etsy with a 50% discount, these have minor flaws like stitching errors, tiny leather flaws or marks. Still 100% functional and perfect for catching your little one's messes!

We love our Mally Bibs, they are so stylish yet so very functional. The leather doesn't stain, we've had many spaghetti sauce messes and it washes right off under the tap, and then you can stick it on the fridge for next time. Always right where you need it!

If you want to buy a perfect bib, for a gift or yourself, we sell them on Everything After The Stork in our Kidsmart Shop!


  1. I LOVE our mally bibs and adore ETSY as well. It is like the perfect combo :D

  2. Too bad Mattea is starting to refuse wearing her bibs...they are so adorable! And like Kenzie, I love Etsy too...I find so many cool things there...just not enough money to get it all!


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