Saturday, April 10, 2010

HELP!! I Need Free Hands

OK Ladies~this isn't a post about a sale or product but rather a plea for some good old fashioned Mommy advice. My twins are growing like weeds and are fast approaching 5 months all the while my two years keeps getting busier and crazier. I most definitely do not have enough free hands to get all that needs to be done in the day.

Soooo, I am asking you to send me the name of your favorite sling, so I can purchase one for the first time. Yes, the first time~I never used a sling or carrier with the three older kids but it is fast becoming a necessity with twins. Just comment below and tell me why you loved or why you couldn't have lived without the one you are suggesting.

Now if I choose your sling, there maybe a small surprise for you! Sarah & I have a $10 Starbucks card that we are aching to give. Let the comments begin~feel free to tell your friends to post comment as well.


  1. Hey there
    I have 2 different slings made by Guru Mama...a ring and a regular one (not sure what it is called). These are made in Winnipeg. I LOVED mine. Unfortunately, my baby is now too big for it (and I don't think she'd want to be in there anyways. Since I'm in Winnipeg, give me an email and you can beg, borrow or steal them!!
    By the way...those twins are super cute!
    Oh - my ring sling is very bold in colour and the other sling is more subdued!

  2. There are so many different types to choose from. I have a sling from the sling sisters which is great to have in the diaper bag and a bamboo wrap which is also great. I have also heard people with twin's using two Ergo's. One baby in the front and one on your back. Like I said so many options it is hard to just pick one.

  3. Are you looking for a sling, mei tai, or wrap? There are many, many varieties and a sling is just one of them. I know though that lots of people think they are all the same. I have MANY suggestions but am curious what kind of carrier you are looking for.

  4. This is what I was hoping for~conversation about something I know nothing about,LOL. I need a carrier that allows me to hold a baby sitting on my hip, I don't think that either of the twins will lie down.

    For those who know me, I am short so I need a carrier that work for my short torso, I seem to find that is the biggest problem. I would like it to be pretty, I know, I know not a necessity, but I like pretty things. But the most important is that it MUST be easy to use, with keaton running around a need to be able to through it on and go.

    OK, Kensie what do you got for me...LOL. Seriouly though, I need some baby wearing advice! Thanks ladies for your help!!

  5. It sounds like you do need a sling then. I would suggest a pouch sling. There are ring slings as well but with the extra fabric they can be cumbersome.
    Slings can be used very easily and you can do a hip carry for a really long time. Most slings can carry a toddler up to 35lbs.
    When getting a pouch sling though you do need to make sure it is fitted exactly for you.
    I have two pouch slings and a ring sling and I love them all but one downfall to slings is they do put all the babies weight on one side of your body and can therefore get uncomfortable if you are using for a long period of time.
    These are my reccomendations for pouch slings
    LOVE my hotsling and it is gorgeous :)
    Wonderful local girls who make amazing carriers and give you super personalized service.
    I would also suggest checking out this forum with lots of babywearing info and resources!

  6. Yes, I agree about getting a pouch sling. A local business in Winnipeg called Small Potatoes sells them (really, really cute fabrics!) and you may be able to get one at the Baby Bin Boutique as well. I LOVED my pouch sling for both of my girls, and it was fabulous, easy to use, easy to put in a purse or diaper bag and super comfy (and fashionable!). Small Potatoes has great customer service too (oh, and she might have a booth at the scattered seeds craft sale!)

  7. I never used a sling until I had my 3rd. With a VERY busy 2yr old, I needed one. I had both the Peanut Shell Pouch Sling (which is GREAT) I still use it to carry my now 1yr old on my hip. Her favorite way to sit was the Kangaroo hold. I have a very small frame and found the Peanut Shell Brand sling fit the best and was the most functional on comfortable.
    I also had the Bjorn active carrier. It was comfy, but took a while to get on and was rather big for my small frame. My husband liked it though.

  8. While it may not be made of the prettiest fabrics around, I highly recommend the Baby Trekker. It does take a few seconds longer to put on than a sling does, but your back will thank you :) I found that since the sling always put weight on one side of my body, I was constantly fighting a sore back. I also have a very short torso, and the trekker allows for lots of adjustment and evenly distributes baby's weight - plus they can be in or out facing on either your front or back, and can be used before baby has full sitting down pat!

  9. I swear to you, the bestest carrier ever is a Scootababy! It is SOOOO comfortable and versatile (you can wear baby on your front, back or the hip carry). Seriously, you must try one out...if you lived closer to me you could try mine out! I've tried a bunch and Scootbaby is the best, hands down!


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