Sunday, April 25, 2010

Help Me Babyproof!

Meet Kelsie. She is my 3rd baby girl and is 9 months going on 2! This girl is a monkey and gets into everything.

She can't walk, but she can climb her bouncy seat and stand in it. She loves to get into the cupboards. She tries to scale over the baby gates and she crawls faster than any baby mammal I've ever seen.

My oldest girls never got into anything, I have never baby proofed. I've never even locked the cleaning cupboard. I need help!

What are your favourite baby proofing products? I hate baby gates. I am 5'2 and can't just step over. My husband laughs as I run through the hall to catapult over the gate. The locks on the cupboards are keeping me out more than her. I'm about to lose my mind.



  1. Haha. I laugh because we have the same situation here with Avery. She is a monkey too and into everything and climbing. She has been that way for a long while. She can climb out of her exersaucer. She too crawls at the speed of light, I turn my head for 2 seconds and she has disapeared. We NEVER had to baby proof with the boy. I don't really have any suggestions for you, we are in the same boat.

  2. LOL...Sarah, I love it!

    First let me say you are so very lucky that you never needed to baby proof for your first two! My DD started walking on her 9 month birthday and prior to that she was already a going concern getting into anything and everything.

    One of the first things that worked for us was giving up a small cupboard in the kitchen. I placed a bunch of Tupperware, old pots and pans, etc. It helped curb her obsession with the other cupboards...for the most part. ;- )

    Next I moved any and all cleaning type products and 'sharp' items (scissors, knives, etc.) to a locked down location that she cannot access. I bought the Safety First little screw in locks that you press down on and they pop open and also the ones for far my houdini can only wiggle her fingers in part ways but cannot reach the 'goods'...LOL.

    Next I bought a really great baby gate (Summer Infant Sure and Secure Wood & Metal Gate from Toys R Us) that un-latches easily with adults fingers but seems to require too much muscle for little ones. I love it! i couldn't imagine having to scale one in my current state of 8+months pregnant.

    My DD is now 20 months and still climbs everything and is intrigued by anything in a cupboard or drawer but I have found over time I have simply migrated any items that I think might be un-suitable.

    It's amazing how quickly you adapt actually...and it surely is never dull especially on the days when she finds my eyeliner and decides that she should colour a picture for me on the hallway walls...LOL

  3. The best ever lock for cupboards are the magnetic ones
    And I think that baby gates are a little over rated, really. Just teach her to turn to go down stairs :) It sounds like it wouldn't take her long to figure it out and from what I remember you only have a few stairs and then you can shut doors to anything unsafe (bathroom, and long flight of stairs).

  4. Wow! I thought the busyness was a boy thing, but maybe it's just a second or third child thing? My oldest has also never been one to get into things, but her "curious" little brother was a speed crawler at 6 months. We also used the press latches in the kitchen, and made sure there was nothing down low that he could hurt himself on. We didn't find the gates to be an issue, but when he started to climb onto chairs we just taught him how to do it safely. On the positive side, he's very physically coordinated, and doesn't really fall off of chairs, the couch, etc., while my less curious child seemed to make a habit out of those falls. It seems like a long road to discipline them every time they get into something they shouldn't, but they do eventually get it (even the extra curious ones!!) - we rarely deal with that at all anymore :)

  5. One girl, four boys~the girl was far more curious and brave then my boys so far! Climbed into the oven, went out the front door and crossed the street before she was two!! But now is the most calm and even keeled child I have, so there is hope,:)

  6. These are all great suggestions - thank you! I have some shopping to do.

    We have one of the metal and wood walk through gates and I LOVE it. But they're too pricey to place them all over my house LOL!


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