Monday, April 12, 2010

Alli's Originals~Jewelry Unique to You

I currently own a Lucy Ann family bracelet which I adore, my husband bought it for me for our 5th anniversary. Right now it only holds two of my five children's birth dates and unfortunately I cannot fit anymore charms on it. So I have been searching for another family piece of jewelry, that's how I came upon Alli's Originals.

Her creations are so pretty, that I just had to have one! I contacted the company through her website, because I was looking for a particular stamp that I didn't see on her site. In less than a day I got a response back from Alli herself~very refreshing to deal with the the actual designer. She was very kind and accommodating. She let me know that she didn't have the rainbow stamp I was looking for but was very willing to work with me to come up with something else I would love just as much. Unfortunately, for me the rainbow stamp is a must have, so I let her know that I would wait until she had one.

I was so impressed with her genuine interest in what I wanted and her sincerity in trying ti make it happen. Her approach to customer service is why I will hold off my search and wait until she has what I need. Nowadays, I feel great customer service is reserved for those who have already purchased, but not here.

Please take a look around her site and take advantage of her 15% off code (AOMOM) up until May 3rd. She has some wonderful ideas for Mothers Day gifts or if you are just looking for that special piece to add to your collection. What is so charming about her creations is the sentiment that goes with each piece, because you can design what you want and it will be unique to you and your family.

Amazing creations, sincere service, Canadian made, what more could you ask for?
A great sale section, make sure you stop in here too, she has some adorable charms for some low prices!


  1. I have been looking into buying Bug a baby bracelet for her 1st birthday and thanks to you, I think I have found the perfect place!

  2. so glad we could help, she really is a talented woman!

  3. What a great idea for a first birthday idea - might have to borrow it :)


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