Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beast of Burden

What is a Beast of Burden? Only the best jogging stroller I've ever tried.

We recently bought a B.O.B. stroller, I had zero intentions of buying a B.O.B. that day, I had actually walked into Hello Baby planning on purchasing the Britax Blink, but I knew I wanted a jogging stroller and had been looking at them for awhile and when I played around with the B.O.B. I knew it was like no other!

The two main features that sold me (and my husband, who was not quick to drop $500 on a stroller, believe me!) were;

a) the shocks! The stroller actually has adjustable shocks to make the ride more comfortable for your little one. They adjust depending on your child's weight and really do make for a smooth ride.

b) The compact fold! This thing folds smaller than my Graco stroller. And then, the wheels come off to make it even smaller! They pop off easily (but are secure, don't worry, all metal parts on this sucker, no plastic to break or warp)
We decided with such a great stroller that folded so small, why would we even need a Blink or other "mall stroller". Could I really expect my baby to settle for a Civic to cruise the mall when she was used to her Cadillac?

I've walked many miles with the B.O.B. already, and ran a few ;) Still love it, am more impressed each time I use it. It turns a corner on a dime, I actually ran along my bumpy sidewalks the other day and the baby didn't even wake up! Such a smooth, comfy ride.

My husband also put my older girls in it (one at a time) and ran up and down a very bumpy path at my Mom's acreage because, as all men have to do, he wanted to test out the 70 pound weight capacity. While they were much too tall and had their feet hanging over the edge, weight wise, they were fine and they loved it. If you had a heavy child that needed to be in the stroller, or an older child who was just sick of walking, it's totally doable.

My conclusion? Worth the price tag! It's the only stroller you'll ever need.

A fun video from the company,

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