Monday, April 5, 2010

Great Used Kids Clothes ( Ontario)

This is for all you Mom's in the East, we have been long time friends of a great kids used clothing store, Bearly Used Kids Clothes. Christy and Adam Richardson started selling used brand name kids clothes online a couple of years ago. The demand was so great for high quality brand name kids clothes that a year later they opened up a brick and mortar store.

They are currently located at 817 Dundas St. W., Unit 2 Whitby ON. They have a beautiful store that offers a huge variety of both boys and girls sizes and styles, more importantly they are very fairly priced. It so nice to come across a store like this that takes the need of having to wade through racks and racks of stuff to find a treasure. All their product must meet their high standards of quality before they accept it.

They have begun to sell some cool new kids products~Sassafras Baking Kits, Ju Ju B, Melissa & Doug, just to name a few. They are constantly looking for newest thing to offer to their customers and because of this quest they support local Moms and their amazing products. They have a newsletter on their
Facebook page that showcases some unique gift ideas from hardworking Mamas like you.

So if you live in the area stop in shop, maybe bring your Bearly Used Kids Clothes and make a few $$$$. Just visiting then go wander around, I guarantee you will walk away with something great! Oh! Make sure you tell them Robyn and Sarah say"HI".

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