Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mama's Night Out

To begin I want to say that just because I am a little late in getting this post out doesn't mean that we didn't have a fantastic time last night....because we did!!

We would like to thank Allison DePaulo for putting on such a lovely evening, Tiber River for hosting the event and Sandra O'Malley for the extremely helpful pointers. It was a fun, informative evening with the bonus of hanging out with other Mamas. Sarah and I both bought a couple of things and fell in love immediately.

Sarah bought a headband from Bugalug, which fit her middle daughter perfectly and staid on all day. I picked up a ponytail holder as well, very hip, great colour combos. I also purchased a lip balm from Tiber River, Funky Monkey, more as a joke for my husband because he hates bananas, but I have already become totally addicted to it. Unlike Carmax, it doesn't dry out my lips but rather they are smooth and soft. And it tastes fantastic!

You can find Bugalug and many other fun and functional baby products on Allison's website Bambino & Sprout, and Sandra is half of the Sling Sisters based right here in Winnipeg. For those who have been following, I think I have found my baby carrier.

We would also like to thank the ladies who were giving the mini-manicures, a small piece of heaven for a busy Mom~thank-you Sarah for waiting :)

One more quick shout out to Owen, who was the perfect "doll", if it weren't for him I may not feel as comfortable as I do wearing a wrap. And man was he cute!
Thanks again, can't wait to do some more shopping with all of you!!!


  1. LOVE the slingsisters and I'm happy to hear you found your carrier :D
    Sounds like it was a fun night!

  2. It was great!! I also bought the Lime Margarita bath salts and OMG, they are amazing.


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