Thursday, April 22, 2010

More About Dawn~Happy Earth Day

Just a couple of more facts about Dawn!! Not only does it remove stains phenomenally but it's also is great all purpose cleaner. Like Sarah I am always trying to find more economical and productive ways to clean. Trying to keep up with 5 kids is hard enough, it is even harder when you are re cleaning areas you have already done. Plus, having 3 under two years old I am very conscience of what I am cleaning with because everything goes in their mouths.

I use Dawn, hot water and vinegar to clean my hardwood floors, of course I wring the mop out to ensure that it isn't sopping wet. It is as close to a dry mop as I can get it, to ensure that the hardwood doesn't swell. I used to use only hot water and vinegar but found my floors streaky, with a small drop of Dawn the streaks disappeared.

I also keep a spray bottle of vinegar, H2O and Dawn under the sink. I use it to wipe dirty fingers off the wall, rinse out a toothpasty sink in the morning and wipe down the highchairs. Again all you need is a drop and thats all it takes to cut through the grease.

You can also use it with good conscience because they donate $1.00 from every sale to SaveWildlife. Speaking of money if you sign up for the P & G Coupon Saver you can save 50 cents off your next purchase of Dawn. I always wait until it is on sale for $1.47 at Superstore and them use my coupon then it is less then a dollar! In the coupon saver there are some great Pampers coupons too, well worth the five minutes it took me to sign up!


  1. If I run out if dish washer detergent and can't get to the store I like to use a little Dawn and vinegar. Just add a drop or two of Dawn and a tablespoon of vinegar to the spot where you would add your detergent close it up and wash as normal.

    *****be sure to only add a drop or two no more than that otherwise you will have suds all over your floor!!!!!!!!****

  2. I love Norwex products - the clothes and mop. It got the stainless steel so clean and streak free. It cleans the hardwoods and tile too. It really does an awesome job.

  3. I love Norwex too - have the toilet bowl brush and cleaner and *love* it!

  4. I have the micro cleaning clothes and the window cloth and the mesh scrubbing cloth and I love them so much!!!!!!!!


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