Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello Baby

We are in Regina, Saskatchewan this week visiting family and I stopped in to see the new Hello Baby store at 2555 Quance Street yesterday.

The store looks fantastic, very big and bright and stocked full of great buys.

They have so many wonderful products, a "Stroller Testing Station" and I was able to pick up some Buncha Farmer's Stain Remover, which is the best product for removing pesky stains I've ever tried.

We were in the store to buy a new stroller and ended up with the Bob Revolution. We LOVE it it. After getting a great demonstration on both from the owner Amy, we decided if we had the Bob Revolution (which my father in law refers to as the Cadillac of strollers) we'd never use anything else, so we chose to just take it home.

I haven't had a chance to take it out jogging yet but I'll tell you that looks can be decieving, it's a big stroller but it manuevered its way through many crowded stores so very easily!

If you live in Regina or are just passing through I highly recommend you stop in at Hello Baby say hello to Amy and staff!

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