Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Well, its pretty late on Saturday night and the Easter Bunny and I are about to put out all our goodies for a egg-traordinary morning hunt.

Celebrate tomorrow~maybe with a much deserved sleep-in, or you and the family could be off to church, or if you are like us the egg-travaganza will start VERY early, move on to big family breakfast and lovely day just enjoying each others company.

However your day goes just sit back, relax and enjoy~ Happy Easter!!

Pssst, it's OK to have chocolate for breakfast, we are.


  1. Oh, to have chocolate for breakfast...and I don't mean the cheap safe chocolate chips that our kids can have. No chocolate bunnies here, but lots of other sickeningly sweet stuff!

  2. Happy Easter! We are supposed to be heading to church but with a bunch of us sick it may be a day of lounging around doing nothing.
    I wonder if a chocolate breakfast could get us going?!? ;)

  3. MMMMMM, chocolate AND jellybeans for breakfast!! Nothing like starting the day off right....Hoppy Easter everyone!

    PS~Hope the kids fell better Kenzie

  4. Happy Easter everyone! We enjoyed a easter egg hunt on the farm, the horses were following the "Easter Bunny" as she hid her eggs, pretty neat :)


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