Thursday, April 22, 2010

The BEST Stain Remover

There are a few things in life that I just hate spending money on. Laundry products are one. I mean obviously I know what they do, and that they're necessary, but they always seem so expensive!

Recently I started making my own liquid laundry soap and while it worked great to start, now it's not. I don't know why, if over time it isn't as effective, if it's coating the clothes or my washer somehow, I just know I stopped using it and went back to my trusty Tide, and again feel like I'm throwing pennies (sometimes Loonies) down the drain!

Another thing I've always felt like I spend way too much money on are stain removal products. I could never find the right one, so I would spend $5 on Oxy Clean, $5 on Spray and Wash, etc. and rotate through them all on that same stain until it would disappear.

Recently someone suggested I try Dawn dishsoap to remove those weird grease-like stains that appear on clothes and it worked! I'd tried EVERYTHING to remove those marks and no amount of stain remover/elbow grease/praying to the laundry gods would work, but 1 quick dab of Dawn and they were gone. I had a pair of jeans I had been trying to get grass stains out of and nothing was working, so I tried Dawn on those and voila - stains were gone!

Yesterday I took a pile of laundry I had with various stains on them (grass, mud, chocolate, baby food) and Dawn'd (yes, I'm inventing words now) them all and guess what - ALL of the stains are gone!!

No more spending crazy amounts of money on stain removers ladies - the $1.97 bottle of Dawn will remove them all and lasts forever!
Try it - and report back your findings!


  1. I am so going to try this I have a new top that I wore once and it got a grease stain on it I have washed it three times and used different stuff on it nothing has worked going to buy me some Dawn today!! Thanks Sarah for this post!

  2. Let me know if it works, I am sure it will! Just put a dab on the stain, rub it in with your thumb and wash.

  3. I spend way too much $ on fancy stain removers...will definitely pick up some Dawn...fingers crossed that it does the trick!

  4. Pretty funny, on the weekend my daughter spilled ice cream all over a new Gymboree top. After a zillion loads of laundry, I was just fed up and since was already in the kitchen so just took it off and squirted some Dawn on it and put it in her hamper. She likes to dig around in there for favourites, and came out wearing it (i know, weird!) screaming that the stain was gone. I didn't even have to wash it...freaked me out when I saw you wrote this, because that just happened this morning! I am a believer now though, will be trying it from now on.

  5. Let us know how it works for you Christy!

    LOL!! That's too funny Nadine :)

  6. I have used this for a while & it works amazing!! even on older grease stains that you may not have noticed the first time you put them in the washer but then when you go to wear it you see them. Put it on, throw it in the wash & it comes out great! We are a big movie popcorn family & when that butter stuff falls onto your clothes even for a second you get grease LOL! this takes it out!

  7. I am so excited to try this out! I too have spent literally way too much money on stain removers! I guess my first problem is I love white on my daughter...LOL. I know just asking for trouble.

    Take yesterday for example, my little love had on a white top and white sunhat (brand new) and my girl friend offered her black berries for lunch! I asked that she just feed her them but somehow she ended up with blackberries stains on her shirt and hat.

    Needless to say I plan to buy some dawn tonight and try it out first. I will keep you posted. Thanks Sarah...cross your fingers!

  8. Holy Smokes Batman! It really worked on my shirt that I had previously washed three different times with 3 different stain removers!!!!!!!!! I put it on the grease stains and literally forgot about the shirt in fact the shirt made it's ways to the bottom of my laundry hamper which I might add is never fully empty or if it is i'ts not fot that long! anyways I found the shirt and washed it friday morning and hang it to dry forgot about looking at it until Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised to find no stains at all I thought that me new shirt was ruined for good! I will never buy another stain remover ever again!


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