Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great Stroller, Better Price

As some of you may know I have 5 beautiful children, which means I am pretty much an expert on strollers. In the past year I test drove so many double stroller in anticipation of the twins I can't even remember half of them!

Because of this seemly endless journey for the perfect stroller we came upon the JOOVY Caboose. Ours is the Big Caboose because it has seating for three, two up front and one to sit or stand behind the second seat. Well right now at Toys R Us they are featuring the next size down for $120 off the regular price!!!

JOOVY Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller features a universal car seat carrier system and the space for you toddler to stand at the back. This stroller is a must have for anyone who is expecting and still has a wee one who isn't ready to walk everywhere on their own. At $129.97 (regular price is $249.99) you can't afford not to buy it!! The sale is only until April 15th and there are no rain checks so shop fast!!


  1. I wish that these strollers were this cheap when I had Maxine because the price of them was about $400.00 for just the one seater!!!!!!!So obviously I did not buy one and Caleb quickly learned to walk long distances or ride in the storage compartment under the stroller seat!!!

  2. It sure is a beautiful stroller and a great price as well. I am your new follower and glad that you visit my blog. Come again real soon


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