Friday, April 2, 2010

New SKU's!

With all of the traveling and visiting we've been doing this week I missed new SKU day at Gymboree!! EEK! I don't remember ever seeing this many SKU's at once. There is something for everyone. I don't think I have enough Gymbucks!!

The new lines come out April 7th instore and online on the 5th. Just in time for Gymbuck Redemption.

Kid Girl - Glamour Safari! Very cute, a bit busy for me, but I like quite a few pieces and am sure my five year old will too!

Kid Girl - Safari Giraffe. I like the idea, loved the Gap giraffe line, but these pieces aren't really my style.

Kid Boy - Skate Legend. With three girls, I don't know much about the boys lines, besides the fact that they all look the same to me LOL! I will say it's pretty cute though.

Baby Girl - Glamour Safari. Not a fan of the muted tones and the flowers of this dress, but I do like a lot of the single pieces. Love the giraffe!

Baby Girl - Safari Giraffe. This I love! I would bring it all home with me if I could. Very Gapish!

Baby Boy - Skate Legend. The monkey is a little too funky for my taste ;)

Newborn Girl - Refresher, LOVE the popsicles! So glad I have a baby girl to put in this line. Though she really doesn't need any summer clothes LOL! We may have to weed out a few pieces to make more room for this line.

Newborn Boy - My Little Peanut - This is very cute!

The Capsule lines, I can't decide what I think. Some times I think I love it, others I don't. Remember this is only available in select stores and online.

You can find the rest of the SKUs here.

Let us know what you think of the new lines!

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