Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gap Online in Canada? Will it *FINALLY* Happen??

Gap has been promising us online shopping capabilities in Canada for years, but it looks like it finally might be in the works!! 
They sent out an email survey this week and this is what was included;

"Thinking back to shopping online for apparel, we have a new website idea and we would like to know how appealing it is to you.

What if all three Gap Inc. brands -- Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic -- were offered online via one Canadian website. You could shop or buy from one, two, or all three sites and checkout one time with one low shipping fee. All orders would ship within Canada (and avoid duties, fees and delays). The site would be offered in English and French and all prices would be in Canadian dollars. How appealing is this new website?"

" Here is some exciting news -- Gap Inc. will launch a new Canada retail website in 2010. Watch your email updates for the official launch date of Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy’s new online store! ."

This is so exciting because Gap Online has amazing sales, and we would finally have access to new stock (and actual stock not one or two items) for Give and Get sales!!  

Cross your fingers!!  

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